Industry Seminars

Industry Seminars are one of the best ways of reaching out to University students. These types of events are catered and are well attended by students.

For an Industry Seminar, your organisation sends a number (3-4) of representatives to UQ on an evening during semester and each gives a brief presentation to students of roughly 15 to 20 minutes. Generally these presentations discuss the Organisation itself; opportunities which exist in terms of Scholarships, Graduate Jobs and Vacation Work; and often, a current topic of interest. In most cases, this topic of interest is the discussion of a unique technical issue faced by your organisation.

Following this presentation, the Engineering club which is hosting the Seminar will provide dinner to attendees. This also provides an opportunity for representatives from your organisation to network with students in a more relaxed, social setting.

In the past, the format of these events has varied depending on which UQ Engineering Society is hosting the event. In 2017, EUS and EUS Affiliated Societies have taken the step of standardising these events across the board, so that you can always expect the same service delivery from us.

In doing so, we have also strived to provide flexibility for your organisation by providing a range of options which allow us to cater to your differing budgets, availabilities and recruiting needs.