How to sign in to Office 365 for business

Sign in to Office 365 for business on your computer or tablet by opening a web browser.

  1. Go to to sign in.
    Sign in screen for Office 365
  2. Type your EUS email address and password, and then select Sign in.

    Tip: The first time you sign in, you’ll use the work or school account and temporary password that you received from EUS IT Services.

  3. If this is your first time signing in, you’ll be asked to change your password. Type a new password, and then select Save.
  4. To sign out of Office 365, select your name in the upper left corner and select Sign out.

Tip: After you sign in for the first time, you can go to or and sign in anytime using your EUS email address and the password you set. For quick access, you might want to add the sign-in page to your favorites.